Saturday, September 1, 2012
9:00 A.M.

Touring Bicycle Ride
15, 30 , 55 and 100 MILE ROUTES
Harrodsburg Community Center
1001 W. Popcorn Rd.
Harrodsburg, IN 47434
(About 10 miles south of Bloomington just off St. Rd. 37)

Oh the fun we had this event last year!  All the The Popcorn Road Ride routes are  well marked with Dan Henry's and maps will be issued to all participants at check in on September 1, 2012.  Each route leaves Harrodsburg and travels a different direction through hills and hollars and eventually loops back to the Community Center.    Lunch is included and will be offered from 11:00-1:00 p.m. in Harrodsburg.  Water/snacks will also be available from 9:00-3:00 p.m. at the Community Center and we will have SAG stops set up along each route. 
Below is a short description of the routes as
Hope to see you at this year's event!  
100 Mile Route - "Dam Delight"

This route is BREATHTAKING!  It is comprised of four different loops which will provide adequate SAG support.  Parts of the route travels through heavy woods and is practically fully shaded.  Hilltop views are FABULOUS!  Riders eventually end up crossing the Monroe Reservoir Dam!

This route also takes you past a limestone
Quarry.  Save some energy for the
last part of this ride!  There are a couple of good climbs after you cross the Dam.  Otherwise, the climbs are moderate. The roads are good and this is a very scenic route.  This route will stop for lunch in Harrodsburg at about 60-70 miles.  And we'll have SAG stops also to help keep you going.
55 Mile Route - "Injun Joe"
                                            This loop Route heads out South to                                                         Fayetteville.  FABULOUS smooth, rolling
                                                roads with beautiful country views make
                                                this route a favorite.  There are no
                                                huge climbs but lots of rollers.

We saw this GOAT standing out in the road munching on weeds!  The cabins and country homes along this route are very unusual and interesting.  This route will end with lunch in Harrodsburg and we'll have SAG stops out on the route.
15 & 30 Mile Routes
"The Popcorn Trail" & "Roy's Ramble"

"The Popcorn Trail" route is
30 miles long and takes you
through beautiful rollling
hillsides to the exciting
town of Popcorn! (which
consists of
Then riders pass through
Springville and take a trip
down Washboard Road.
There are no huge climbs
on this route but lots of
fun rollers.  

"Roy's Ramble" is 15 miles long and is a new route under construction for 2012!!
Both thess routes end with lunch in Harrodsburg.