Current Weekly Training Run Schedule
Mondays - 5:00 P.M. Loper Elementary at end of Loper Drive, 3 miles
Wednesdays - 5:00 P.M. Medical building on Rampart Road, 3 miles
Saturdays - 7:30 A.M. Circle in Shelbyville 3-7 miles

Sunday, April 23, 2017  

Hi Runners! 

We had 10 at run on Monday night. Great start to the week. It was Marathon Monday! The Boston Marathon had been run earlier in the day. Gretchen's son-in-law Jon ran a very "comfortable" marathon finishing in 3:06. (This was just a "training run", mind you! lol!) I got caught up in watching it on tv that morning. It's just so inspiring to watch. Can't imagine being there! Gretchen and Julie were at 23.5 mile mark and sending pictures of the elite runners. Pretty amazing! We had 10 on Wednesday night, and it was just hot! Nearly 80 in April. What?? I'm not quite ready for that yet! And my request for cooler weather was granted....and then some....on Saturday morning. Thankfully there was no rain like had been forecasted, and it was a perfect morning for running. It was cloudy and cool. 10 in attendance for the third time this week. Many had gloves on and ears covered. The signs were out again in the cemetery. Hopefully everyone is getting familiar with the new Saturday route. Depending on how OCD you are or how you run the tangents, it is about a tenth short of 7 miles. (Back in the day when Gretchen and I just used our car odometers for measuring routes, this would have been acceptable! lol!) I'll leave it up to you how you decide to record it in your training log or when you decide to stop running and stop your GPS. I stopped mine at 6.93 and recorded 7 miles....that's just how I roll these days ;-)  

Shout out to Mrs. Hunton who has graduated from her scooter to a walking boot! Praying for a speedy recovery and a quick transition back into her running shoes! 

Training:  Monday at Loper Elementary at 5:00PM. Wednesday at medical building on Rampart Road at 5:00PM. Saturday on the circle at 7:30AM. Looking ahead: The Indy Mini is on Saturday May 6. We do not meet on the circle and take attendance on this date. Most of the Shelby Roadrunners will be heading to Indy that morning.  

Racing:  It's another busy racing weekend in the surrounding area. You can find races in Greenwood, Greenfield, Martinsville, and Ft. Ben on the Indy Runners website. Mike and Lynn are doing the 5K in Greenfield. 

Cabo News!  I mentioned a few weeks back about organizing a destination race for February 2018. We are meeting on Thursday May 4 at 5:30PM at Three Sisters/Bookmark to discuss details. Don wants to give us plenty of time to make our plans if we want to head south next year for a run and some sun in the middle of winter! He knows all the ins and outs and is ready to share it all with us.  

Upcoming:  There is a 5K fun run in Waldron on May 13. It's a Color Run. Sign up by the end of this week to guarantee your shirt. This is a fundraiser for the school.  

Happy Birthday on Friday to Amy Roell! 

Happy Running!


Mike's Running Tip:  People who run past banks report seeing dollar signs.