Current Weekly Training Run Schedule
Mondays - 5:00 P.M. Parks Department, Meridian Street, 3 miles
Wednesdays - 5:00 P.M. Blue River Memorial Park, 3 miles
Saturdays - 7:30 A.M. Circle in Shelbyville 3-7 miles

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Sunday January 19, 2020    

Hi Runners! We had a big group for our Monday night run – 14! Kristina made the drive to Shelbyville to run with the group and hang around for the top 10 awards. Mrs. Hunton was the only one who didn’t make the celebration at Mike’s house. She was already lounging on the beach in Florida. Mike had a racing theme for our awards and even kept track of our standings over the 12 months. Thanks to Mike and Janet for hosting us! Who will the top 10 for 2020 be?? It was dark and dreary on Wednesday evening. We had nine runners show up. It was just a mess on Saturday morning! The overnight was cold with freezing rain, but at run time it was just rain. And a cold rain at that. Eight runners showed up, but I think snagging an attendance point was the main focus, especially given that Kyle was in blue jeans?! He did have on running shoes and ran enough to make it count, but no one was interested in staying out terribly long in those conditions. Tammy and I did splash through 6 miles. 

Kudos:  Well, we always knew Bill Goble was kind of a big deal. I mean, I don’t refer to him as THE Bill Goble for nothing. Now he’s an even bigger deal with the announcement that he’s part of Morristown’s Hall of Fame. But seriously, Bill is a great runner and a great guy. This is well-deserved, and I’m happy we can call him a Shelby Roadrunner.  

Congratulations to Gretchen and Roy who added another grandchild to the mix! Gretchen’s daughter Michelle welcomed baby girl Scarlett on Thursday evening.  

Training:  Monday at Parks Department at 5:00PM. Meet on Meridian Street side. Wednesday at Blue River Park at 5:00PM at the main shelter. Saturday on the circle at 7:30AM. 

Racing:  Winter Run 5K at Marian University on Saturday morning.  

Winter Run Challenge Week!  It begins one week from today!!  Register if you want your magnet (you must be on the 2020 attendance list to be eligible). It’s the Mini Challenge. Set a small goal. Get started training for the Indy Mini. You decide. The goal is always up to you. This challenge is simply designed to push you a little and to motivate during the winter months.  

Happy 47th Birthday on Wednesday to Nate!

See you at a run!


Mike’s Running Tip:  In icy conditions, will it help to tie your shoes in “slip knots”?