Current Weekly Training Run Schedule
Mondays - 5:00 P.M. Circle in Shelbyville, 3 miles
Wednesdays - 5:00 P.M. Clearwick Park, 3 miles
Saturdays - 7:30 A.M. Circle in Shelbyville 3-7 miles

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Sunday June 16, 2019   HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!   

Hi Runners! It was a beautiful start to the week, and 14 runners knew they’d better take advantage of the good weather. Plus Mike showed up with, what he called, shot glass coasters. Lol! I think it was in effort not to be shown up by Britney who brings back goodies every time she visits someplace new. Mitchell got his first attendance point of the year. Small group gathered at Clearwick Park on Wednesday evening. Sara had a story about her computer and a mouse, but I don’t think they went together. It was a nice evening for running. We had wet roads to run on Saturday morning and sprinkles by the end of the run. Six showed up at the start time but based on cars in the parking lot, Kristina and Bill were out running somewhere. Sorry guys, cars don’t count for attendance. Lol 

Training:  Monday on the circle at 5:00PM. Wednesday at Clearwick Park at 5:00PM. Saturday on the circle at 7:30AM.  

Racing:  Saturday there are races in downtown Indy (I’ll be doing Ice Cream 5K), New Palestine, Kokomo, and a race here in Shelbyville at the fairgrounds, Rupert’s Survival 5K Run Challenge. The annual Mohawk Trail Run will take place in Waldron at 8:00AM on July 4. There’s a Facebook Page set up with a link to a printable entry form. Pre-registration with shirt guarantee closes Monday. If you plan to send yours in, let me know ASAP and I may be able to see that you still get a shirt.  

Happy 70th Birthday to Jim Evans today!

Happy Birthday (also today) to Kyle!

Happy 11th Birthday to Kaari Tabor on Tuesday!

Run and Smile!


Mike’s Running Tip:  Trail runners who have stepped in animal traps have gained a foot hold.