Current Weekly Training Run Schedule
Mondays - 5:00 P.M. Chicken Inn, 3 miles
Wednesdays - 5:00 P.M. Sunrise Park, 3 miles
Saturdays - 7:30 A.M. Downtown Shelbyville 3-6 miles

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Sunday, January 24, 2021 

Hi Runners! We had a quiet Monday. Half dozen showed up for the run. It was sunny until it wasn’t then it was a dreary looking evening. Although the days are slowly getting longer, it’s clear that it’s still winter. I wore purple on Wednesday night which led to the topic of Barney. And then it took off from there…singing the Barney song and onto other memories of our kids’ children’s shows and our own (hello Cowboy Bob!). Never a dull moment. It was cold Saturday morning and only the faithful top five showed up. Sara was full of positivity that warmed our hearts but not our fingertips.  

Attendance Awards:  We’re just going to do it! Wednesday at Sunrise Park, Mike will hand out top 10 awards at the beginning of run. If you’re limited on time, consider running early and finishing up at 5:00. Otherwise, plan on getting a delayed start so that we have a little time to recognize our 2020 top 10.  

Training:  Monday at Chicken Inn at 5:00PM. Wednesday at Sunrise Park at 5:00PM. (2020 Top 10 Attendance Awards happening this night at 5:00PM!) Saturday downtown Shelbyville at 7:30AM.

Racing: Not much happening, and if it is, it’s still virtual. 

Run Challenge:  It’s going to be different this year. Stay tuned for details. It’ll happen in March. The basics: We’ll clock our mile time at the beginning of the month with the goal of improving our mile time by the end of the month. 

Happy Belated 48th Birthday to Nate!

Happy Birthday to Eric on Tuesday!

Happy 66th Birthday to Mike on Friday! 

Gotta run!


Mike’s Running Tip: Runners who draft behind others don’t get nearly as winded.