Current Weekly Training Run Schedule
Mondays - 5:00 P.M. Knights of Columbus, Noble St., 3 miles
Wednesdays - 5:00 P.M. Colour Palette, John St., 3 miles
Saturdays - 7:30 A.M. Circle in Shelbyville 3-7 miles

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Sunday February 17, 2019  

Hi Runners! 

We didn’t get a break from the rain on Monday evening. But it wasn’t too bad. Thirteen showed up for the run. Britney was back from Guatemala bearing gifts…chocolate at that. And I’m here to tell you that was one of the best pieces of chocolate I have ever had! (Bonus points for Nice List!) We had 13 show up on the 13th. I had a variety of treats to share for Valentine’s Day…from key chains to candy. The sun was lovely, and no one ran alone. Great midweek run. Several Roadrunners went to Indy for the Polar Bear run leaving 4 on the circle. It was sunny but still quite chilly. It wasn’t the best day for Mike. He forgot his bib belt. He signed up for the 5 miler instead of 5K. Although they allowed him to run the 5K, he couldn’t get any results at the results tent. And then while he was simply standing around waiting for us to meet up to head back to Shelbyville, his medal dropped right off the ribbon. Kristina, however, had a good day. She broke 20:00 in the 5K and was second overall female in The Bear (5K + 5 Miler). Great job to all runners, and thanks to those who kept things running in Shelbyville!

Training:  Monday at 5:00PM at Knights of Columbus. Wednesday at 5:00PM at Colour Palette. Saturday on the circle at 7:30AM.  

Racing:  There’s a 5K at Geist Reservoir on Saturday.  

New Route Options:  April 1st will be here before you know it, so I’m already working on new routes for the spring. I have an idea for the Saturday route. Wednesdays we will meet at Clearwick Park (is that right Mrs. Hunton???) They are going to make some improvements to the park, so although we’ve had that as a meeting location several times, it’ll seem new. And surely I can come up with a route that we’ve not done before. That leaves Monday night. If you have any ideas, please let me know. We just need a place with a large parking area. Access to a bathroom and/or shelter of some sort would be nice. I’d like to meet somewhere on Amos road and utilize part of the new path on that side of town, but I’m not sure where that might be. Give me your ideas!

Run and Smile!


Mike’s Running Tip: Runners who trim nails quickly obtain a fast clip.