January 27 - February 2, 2019
What is Run Challenge Week? 
It's that time of year when we set the bar a little higher and challenge ourselves to work a little harder and maybe go the extra mile!  
How does it work?  
1.  SET a goal and REGISTER for the week long challenge.  You may pick one of the suggestions listed below, or you can make your own.  Point is to challenge yourself a little.  
2.  You work through the week to ACHIEVE your goal.  
3.  HAVE FUN participating in group training runs.  
4.  Get REWARDED (IF you register and keep me posted on your PROGRESS) at the end of the week for your hard work.  You will get a magnet to add to your plaque.***  If you don't have a plaque, just let me know, and I'll tell you how you can purchase one.

Why should I participate?  
Why not????  
***Only requirement is that you must already be on the attendance list***

What's the SCHEDULE?

Monday, January 28:  Regularly scheduled training run at 5:00PM at  Knights of Columbus

Wednesday, January 30:  Regularly scheduled training run at 5:00PM at Colour Palette

Saturday, February 2:  Regularly scheduled training run on the circle at 7:30AM

Do you have any GOAL suggestions for me?

Of Course! 

You may choose one of the goals listed below or use the box to list your own goal. 

The point is to have some fun and challenge yourself.  How's that New Year's resolution coming?  Have you started your Mini Marathon training yet? Have you spent too much time inside this winter?
This is for YOU but we do it together to encourage one another to kick off a good year!  

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Still have questions????
It's the
Your Name
Run everyday
Run 20.19 miles
Run 20.19 minutes
Bike 20.19 miles
Name my own challenge (list below)
Attend all 3 training runs
Walk 20.19 miles