2019 - THE POT
$19.25 - Fast Blast 1/1/19
$23.50 - Hero Hustle - 6/8/19
$36.25 - The Meltdown - 7/14/19
$26.25 - POG Run - 7/27/19
$25.75 Black Friday- 11/29/19
$59.00 Rudolph Run 12/24/19
Amount paid back to the 10 folks that 
completed all races in 2019 $20.00

People Eligible for 2020 so far!
Anyone who completes the Fast Blast 5K on 1/1/20 will be eligible for the 2020 split!

Profit Sharing......
Well, not EXACTLY.  E2A  donates .25 cents for each person that completes each race to “The Pot”. At the end of 2020 we will split “The Pot” between ALL the folks that have done all the 
E2A races in 2020! 
The first E2A event is New Years Day! 

The Rules
The rules are simple. You must participate in every E2A event in 2020 under your own name, pay for all the races and finish all the races. The exception would be for The Meltdow (Three 5K's) - you do not have to complete all THREE Melt Down races, just at least the first 5K and, likewise, The Count Down, you do not have to finish all FOUR races  just at least the first 4 mile race.  If you register and pay and then cannot attend or finish any of the races for some reason then that race does not count. No exceptions because no matter what the excuse is - they are all good excuses - and we just can't make an allowance for that. If you are eliminated this year because you missed a race then try again next year! 

If we add races to the calendar after March 1, 2020, we may not include them in the profit sharing contest.