Mike's Running Tips
for 2018
Mike Wallace is an avid runner and a founding member of The Shelby Roadrunners.  Mike has supplied the running group with training tips weekly for the last 13 years!!   
Don't drop the ball when it comes to 2018 training runs!
Hoosier runners who run in the country will come across corn fields which are a"mazing".
It's hard to stay positive when the wind chill is negative.
Are people who run on snow flakey?
If you run on ice and fall you might "in brace" the season.
When Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday training run, some runners can kiss the opportunity goodbye.
When it comes to racing or cold weather, some people like to pile it on thick.
Running in temps below zero guarantees negative splits.
Winter advisories do not apply to runners.  
Some runners find mittens to be pointless
The arrival of March 20 should put a little spring in your step.
Races are measured in metrics but training runs are measured in feet. 
 The best reason to do only one marathon? “Many marathons” sounds like 
“mini marathon”.  
April showers can ruffle a few feathers of some Roadrunners.
 A runner’s tax season is facing irrational drivers. 
 Is running through a dry river bed considered 
Would a twisted ankle be considered taking a wrong turn?
 The twist is a better dance move than running move.
A black toe is evidence you nailed a run.
 If you feel the burn on a summer day, you may be ready for a new sunscreen.  
Amateur runners may have less pressure but they still feel the heat.
 Are the people who run beside you and 
encourage you 
Pace Mates? 
Tap shoes are not required for the Tap Room race. 
 Getting hit by bird poop is a personal fowl.
If one running shoe wears out ahead of the other you might not be balanced.
 Wearing color fast clothing will not improve your running time.
 If the grass is growing under your feet you might need to increase your running.  
Runners are poor because they have little interest in banks.
Running caps are seldom free as they come with a bill.
Running is the only sport where cutting corners leads to success.
 Running during an earthquake can shake your confidence.
Running during lightning is one way to look striking.
In a thunderstorm with lightning, guys prefer to run with women who are more attractive.  
Can you storm up a hill if it’s not raining?
Running with a Suzanne in the summer is not the same as running with Suzanne Somers. 
If they had an app for running, would you have to use your feet?
Some people whine about races while others do wine races.
Runners don’t like to make a sharp right and an immediate sharp left as that is jogging!
If you get circled by vultures, it might be time to part with the old favorite running shirt.

You might be a runner if you answer 5K or Mini on an application that asks for race.
When experiencing a slow race are you off the clock?
As the days get shorter, the running gear tends to get longer.
Instead of water stops, could they be called liquidation stations?
Runners can face cross traffic without angry drivers.
There is no better time than a drumstick dash to beat the competition. 
If you run in the halls with the name Mark, people assume you are putting on a holiday show.
Wearing a Santa suit while running is a look that is easy to sleigh.  
If the only tips you offer are running you might be a Scrooge.