Mike's Running Tips
for 2019
Mike Wallace is an avid runner and a founding member of The Shelby Roadrunners.  Mike has supplied the running group with training tips weekly for the last 15 years!!   
2019 is your last opportunity to compete in the attendance awards as a teen.
People who don’t include running in the New Year are off course. 
Sleet is like a dessert to runners. It is icing on the street.
Ice can be a runner's best friend unless it is on running surface.
As the temperature goes down the running material goes "down" as well.
Runners with two left feet never turn out right. 
If you try running too fast in the cold weather will you get a brain freeze?
Lovely weather is on every runner’s wish list for Valentine's Day. 
Runners who trim nails quickly obtain a fast clip.
A hunger strike is not required for a fast track.   
Outback is a steak house to all and a running course description to runners.  
Ice can be a runner’s best friend unless it is on running surface.  
The shoes you select can save defeat. 
Are black and white dotted outfits easier to spot?
A group that runs in the rain together pools resources. 
Are trail runners more rigid in their thinking?
Track runners record speed in round numbers.
Now that Larry has gotten a pacemaker in Indiana he is an Indiana Pacer!
If you run through a cone area be prepared for constructive criticism.
The last one to cross the start line is of course behind. 
Most runners are not English majors as they have a lot of run on sentences. 
If you experience a lot of hindsight, chances are you are not in the lead.  
The number of people who drink wine and run is staggering.
When running into a dead end it is good to have a back up plan.
The number of runners who prefer the down hill is on the decline.
Trail runners who have stepped in animal traps have gained a foot hold
Runners who have nearly been hit by cars are "deer" to drivers.
Hand dominance doesn't matter but it is better to be right behind than left behind.
Is a Gu taken after sunset a shot in the dark?
Running 101:  Tackle 100 miles and tack on one more.
Do races in Finland have a "Finish" Line?
Getting a PR is considered the time of your life.
Once you know how to run is it really a training run?
They don't actually run in an arms race.
Can you finish first in a short race that only takes seconds?
Running fast is positive but a blistering pace, not so much.
Support from spectators is a side effect of racing. 
If you record the finish time for someone you were married to, is it a timex?
If you have a favorite 5K, is it a Special K?
When a runner says they took a trip, you never know if they went on vacation or fell down. 
Why do runners talk about falling down? Are there other ways to fall?
Flat footed runners can still arch their back. 
The number one shoe during Halloween is the Brooks Ghost.
As the daylight periods shorten are runner delighted?
Autumn is a perfect time to fall in love with running.  
If a runner has a hidden tattoo, do his fellow runners have an inkling he has one?
Any Thanksgiving run longer than a 5K is a pilgrimage!
If you plan to race in December, try to look dashing!
To avoid misunderstandings avoid pointed green running shoes in December.