Mike's Running Tips
for 2022
Mike Wallace is an avid runner and a founding member of The Shelby Roadrunners.  Mike has supplied the running group with training tips weekly for the last 18 years!!   
What better way to start 2022 than a run in a tutu?! 
Run to lose is about weight and not trying to finish last.
If you can get your running buddy to carry the flashlight, you can remain light on your feet. 
People who don’t run in the snow are a snow show.
Running past a bank in a hoodie can generate interest.
Married runners don’t like single digit temperatures.
Run to and from your house to score a home run. 
Never do a race of chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts. It’s a rocky road!
People who dress oddly for a run become a running joke.
The disadvantage of being a tall runner is you can never run short.
Getting hit by a car can leave you with a rundown feeling. 
Contact information on a race entry has nothing to do with a vision question. 
Running during lightning can improve foot strikes. 
Would anyone even believe there was an added group run on April Fool’s Day?
Do people who run in the dark have a clue what they are doing?
Easter season is a perfect time to resurrect your running goals.
The downside to running in a cemetery is there can be a lot of dead ends. 
If your watch fell off and you stepped on it during a run, would you leave a digital print?
Do “long-winded” runners love to talk or long for wind?
Raining during a training run is just water under the bridge. 
Why are they called “running tips” when no money is given??
Are runners who run through roundabouts more apt to round up their mileage?
Make-up runs don’t work well because, well, the makeup tends to run!
It is encouraging to run past a post office and get a stamp of approval.
What do the Shelby Roadrunners have in common with criminals? They are both on the run. 
Runners are going to be hot looking no matter how ugly! 
Sunday, June 19th is a perfect time for fathers to run further. 
If the Waldron 4th of July race can be held on a different day (2nd), why can’t mini marathons be a different distance?
Humidity helps runners stick to the program.
Runners who can run with sand in their shoes show grit!
Are people who sing while running more tuned in?
There are more heats run in the summer than any other season.
As daylight gets shorter, wearing gear that is easily seen is something to reflect on.
If a car is coming towards you with the radio on, it is time to face the music.
If you cause trouble at a running group (or forget someone’s 100th run!), you could be given the boot. 
Spousal support is when your partner encourages you to run.
If you refuse to run through a golf course, you could end up on the “not tee” list!
People who run in their 50’s are perceived as cool. 
People who run on their tip toes rely on tips more than average. 
Do people who dislike puns about running feel punished when reading one?
For runners who no longer run marathons, does it become a distance memory?
Does a run in the rain count as a shower?
Runners tend to mask their injuries during Halloween.
Runners who carry a bucket on Halloween are likely to be treated better!
If ducks cross your path during a run, you can be sure fowl weather is approaching. 
People who run with a drumstick are usually late for band practice!
One of the keys to protein during Thanksgiving is tur”key”!
A family-run business is two or more serious runners who are related. 
If you overcome a running obstacle in December, do you say you “sleighed” it?