Mike's Running Tips
for 2021
Mike Wallace is an avid runner and a founding member of The Shelby Roadrunners.  Mike has supplied the running group with training tips weekly for the last 17 years!!   
In 2000 and 21, it is legal to try to move up in the group attendance. 
If you feel like you ran in circles this past year, it might be time to block off a new route. 
Do older runners turn in silver bells for golden bells?
Runners are always improving because they strive forward. 
Runners who draft behind others don’t get nearly as winded. 
Would you rather be fail proof or fell proof in your running?
Most triathletes don’t wear trifocals.
The only subs runners get are sub zero temps.
A windchill of 0 is nothing.
If your running photos are not blurry, you are not Olympic material…yet.
The first step to a successful timed mile is to be on time. 
If it takes longer to dress than it does to run, dressing can be considered cross-training. 
Wearing all red for St. Patrick’s Day will do in a pinch!
The number of black ice encounters is just the trip of the iceberg!
The popularity of Easter races is on the rise.
You know it’s cold when the hands on your watch are clasped together. 
People who question a runner’s sanity for running in the cold or ice think runners are temperature mental. 
If a runner sees his shadow, it means that daylight is getting longer. 
It is called a running “club” because members “stick” to it!
People who yell at runners for running on freshly poured sidewalks are offering construction criticism.  
Runners need MOM: Method of Motivation!
The faster you run past mayflowers the more breath-taking they are!
For minor running injuries it is good to try taking Aleve before taking a leave! 
In-person races can make other races "virtually" obsolete.
If someone says they are barely running, does that imply not often or without clothes? 
(Marsha’s answer:  Depends on the temperature!)
Approaching pot holes with a level head is a good approach. 
When exercising your running rights, can you turn left?
Getting first in your age group is always a good time!
Wearing worn out shoes will cause you to tread lightly!
Are runners who brag about Brooks’ running shoes babbling?
Are drivers with dirty windshields more or less likely to see a streaky runner?
A “course” record has nothing to do with swearing!
The number of people who can run a marathon without a drink is sobering.
There is no shame getting a DQ after a hot summer run!  
Runners are less apt to sleep walk.
Runners tend to live longer because they are die hards. 
Running in the fall can “leave” an impression.
It is safer to face a headwind rather than headlights.
If a duck crosses your path during a training run, would you say you ran a fowl?
Hill running will elevate your game.
Trying to catch a runner painting arrows on the road is like a witch hunt!
Runners who prefer cement surfaces are concrete thinkers. 
As the temperatures decrease, bundling isn’t just for insurance!
Ninety-two percent of the runners who tried glow-in-the-dark clothing gave it a glowing review.
Runners with sensitive skin often make rash decisions.
Runners with a hyphenated name are naturals for running dashes.
Running with a credit card increases your chances of charging ahead. 
A runner increased his medication to a gram on Thanksgiving because he wanted to be a “pill gram”!
If you have relatives who also run, does it “run in the family”?
When your running buddy asks you for a light, it’s to light the path not a cigarette!