Welcome!  Thanks for your interest in the Energy2Action Hiking Club!  See below for information and a few rules!

1.  The E2A Hiking group is free (so far). We might want to charge a fee at some point to cover our time and administration.

2.  Please sign up for the Hiking Email newsletter. This will be how we will communicate plans, etc. 

3.  The E2A Hiking group's calendar year runs from Sept - August. The new group will officially start September 1, 2022, and run until August 31, 2023. 

4. During our year of hiking we will schedule at least one group hike per month, sometimes two. 
See the Group Hike Schedule

5.  There is no registration required to attend the group hikes - just show up!  You will be asked to sign a waiver at the group hikes.  See Group Hike Rules.

6.  There are 16 "Quests" for our hiking year that you can attempt to complete on your own OR with the group.  There will not be group hikes at some of the Quest locations. If you are ambitious  you can go for the "Double Quest" challenge and complete the 16 Quests TWICE!

7. If you are able to complete all 16 Quests for the 2022-2023 year (or you complete the Double Quest Challenge) you will receive special recognition at then end of the year (probably a t-shirt or some momento that will list all the Quests for that year). There will be a charge for the award (shirt or whatever we decide to have as the reword). We will likely have a picnic in early September to wrap up the previous hiking year and start the new year!

8.  Quests can be completed in any order anytime between September 1st and August 31st on your own or with the group. If you are doing the Double Quest Challenge you can't do both hikes on the same trip, obviously.  You would need to make two trips to Quest location (or 4 trips to Brown County during the year since Brown County is on the Quest list twice). 

9.  Whenever you complete a Quest, please complete the form on our website "Submit Completion of a Quest" and we will add your name to the tally which shows who has completed which Quests!

10.  There is no minimum mileage for the completion of a Quest because the physical ability of people ranges . We would suggest a minimum of a 3 mile hike in each location. Or set your own "minimum" that is congruent with your fitness level.

11. If you complete a Quest with the group you still need to submit it as completed on our website.

12. You do not have to participate in the challenge of completing the 16 Quests for the year. If you just want to do the group hikes that is fine!

Group Hikes will be scheduled at least once a month. The location and time of the group hike will be posted on our website and sent out on email in the Hiking News!

1.  Participants will be asked to sign a waiver and an acknowledgement that the group hikes are not being conducted as an organized activity but rather an individual endeavor.  

2.  We will attempt hikes rain or shine but in the case of severe weather any cancellations will be sent via email!

3.  Hikes will start at the time scheduled so if you arrive late you are on your own. 

4.  The pace and duration of the hike is to be determined by hikers individually. The group will likely NOT STAY TOGETHER as paces and distances vary. Some people may  be running, walking slowly, hiking at a fast pace, etc.  

5.  You must plan on being able to complete every hike you attend on your own. No one will be responsible for you and no one will wait for you or help you if you get lost, run into problems, etc. You are doing the hike on your OWN with others in attendance. 

But I don't want to do the Quest challenge???  No problem, you can just attend the group hikes and not participate in the Quest challenge!

What mileage do I have to hike to complete a Quest?  We decided to leave that up to you because people's fitness levels vary so much.  We suggest a 3 mile minimum for a hike to "count".  But you might want to set your personal minimum higher or lower than 3 miles.

I'm a runner.  Can I run the hike?  Sure.  Group hikes are done at your own pace.

Does everyone stay together at the group hikes?  NO.  You should attend every group hike understanding that the group may move slower or faster than your pace.  You should be able to complete every hike by yourself (or with whoever attends with you).  It's possible no one will be there to help you if you get lost, etc.  Make sure you have a cell phone and necessary supplies and are comfortable completing the hike unassisted if it works out that way!

Do I need to register for the group hikes?  No. Just show up at the announced location. You will be asked to sign a waiver stating that you are doing the hike on your own and unassisted.

Is there a fee?  No. But there is likely a fee to enter a park.

Can I bring friends and family?  Sure. If you have someone else's kids with you we would like that child's parent's to sign the waiver (you can email me for that ahead of time) 

Can I bring my dog?  We would really like to steer away from dogs attending the hikes simply because it can be cumbersome for other hikers and disruptive. However, if you have a really well behaved dog and you want to bring it along on a leash you can. Just make sure you are being considerate of the other participants and allow ample space so no one gets tangled up in a leash and that sort of thing.  Maybe stay back away from the group a bit so the dog isn't getting underfoot of the other hikers.  If you bring a dog and it causes a problem, we are sorry in advance - but we will have to ask you to not bring your dog next time.