Saturday, July 27, 2013
8:00 A.M.

Touring Bicycle Ride
12,24,34,45 - MILE ROUTES
Do as many as you wish! 
116 Miles if all routes are completed!
Brown County State Park
North Entrance/State Rd. 46
Nashville, Indiana 47448
"The Goat Ride" is a funding ride for the
Indiana Bicycle Coalition and Brown County State Park.

Detailed maps of each route will be issued on event day to each rider
Completion coins will be given to each rider for each route the complete

"The Witch" - 45 Miles: This is a WICKED route that takes you through some scenic and interesting areas!  It is not
extremely difficult for fit cyclists
but it is very hilly throughout with
several very significant climbs.  It is
for strong cyclists with good gearing.  It
starts at the park and travels out
Helmsburg Rd. to Owl Creek Road.  This
is where you will get your first wake up call! 
Next you travel to Lanam Ridge Rd., on to
beautiful rolling Rt. 45 to Dolan and then
climb Boltinghouse Hill (NOT a forgetable experience!).  After that, things settle down somewhat and you wrap back around to beautiful South Shore Drive.  South Shore drive is just AWESOME!  The road runs along Lake Lemon and it's just gorgeous.  South Shore Drive spits you back out on to Rt. 45 for a quick trip through Trevlac and Helmsburg up one last big climb and then back to us at the park! SAG stops at Butler Winery at about 17 miles and Helmsburg at about 37 miles!
"The Baby Bear" - 25 Miles:  This is a fun little route!  This is a good route for people who are wanting a moderate ride or to add on as a second or third route at the end of the day.  It is the easiest route offered at The Goat.  It starts at the park and heads out Helmsburg Rd. to Rt. 45, to Gatesville, then returns on beautiful (and flat) Salt Creek Rd.  There are two big hills in the beginning of the ride, but otherwise this route is fairly tame.  Very nice scenery, quaint cabins and streams.  You'll LOVE IT!  Very relaxing and fun! SAG stops at Helmsburg at about 8 miles and Gatesville at about 17 miles.

"The Firecracker" - 12 Miles: 12 Miles? This is probably the most eventful 12 mile bike ride that you could ever complete!  The route travels through Brown County State Park.  STUNNING overlooks, perfectly smooth roads, light traffic, and lots of hills and hollars!  I would HIGHLY recommend this route as an add on at the beginning of the day or at the end.  There are many hills, a couple of steep downhills and one VERY big climb that is sure to change your entire life in some way! haha!  You'll LOVE it! I've heard of people finding religion on that hill!  I mean it can get ugly over there on Horseman's Hill, folks.  Just remember, "What happens on Horseman's Hill STAYS on Horseman's Hill".  We'll have detailed maps on event day that will contain warnings JUST IN CASE you want to walk up this huge hill......just in case....I'm sure you won't....but just in case..... 

"The Big Bear" - 34 Miles: This is nice moderate
ride in both distance and difficulty. At about 4
miles in riders will tackle the biggest climb on this
route, Bear Wallow Hill.  Bear Wallow hill is not
extremely steep but is a long grinder. Then with
the hard part behind us, off we go to Upper Salt
Creek Road to the Sweetwater lakes.  The route
loops around both lakes and crosses two dams. 
It is a LOVELY rolling and winding ride on good roads.  Your return is on Sweetwater Trail and Salt Creek Rd., our favorite way to end any bike ride!
SAG stops at the lakes at about 17 miles and Gatesville at about 27 miles!